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Creative "Little Picasso" Party


Bring out the little artist in your child with our popular: Creative "Little Picasso" Party.



The sky is the limit when you choose this party theme. We are open to personalizing a craft project around your child's interests or you may choose an arts and craft project from our project list.


Party Features Include:

  • We will arrive with all of the required arts and crafts materials needed for each child.
  • We will set up up the area where the children will be working and introduce their special project to them.
  • We will support the children through their craft project- maintaining a fun, entusiastic and postive approach.
  • We have a varierty of different games and fun additions that we incorporate into every "Little Picasso" party that compliments the craft project chosen.

Pricing for a Creative "Little Picasso" Party will be determined once a craft project is chosen and the number of children are identified.


A typical Creative "Little Picasso" Party is usually 1 hour in length.


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  Craft Project Party Ideas:

  1. Play-dough creations
  2. Painting fun (Painting stations: marble painting, car painting, finger painting, sponge painting, toothbrush art and many more painting ideas)
  3. Funky Hats
  4. Decorated T-shirts
  5. Puppets
  6. Animal themed crafts
  7. Beaded jewellery
  8. Canvas Art
  9. Pet Rocks
  10. Jewellery Boxes/Treasure Boxes
  11. Magic Wands/ Pirate Flags
  12. Pretty Purses/bags
  13. Crazy Collages
  14. Home-made musical instruments
  15. Door hangers
  16. Magnets
  17. Placemats
  18. Wooden Picture Frames
  19. Transportation art

Items subject to availability!