One-Of-A-Kind Children's Parties

"Dedicated to creating a unique party experience for your child!"

Home Visit or Phone Consult

We value working in partnership with families and we believe that the family is the expert of their child and knows their child the best!


We want your child's party to be as inclusive as possible! In order for us to ensure that we have all of the resources necessary to truly provide the most rewarding party experience for your child and his/her friends- we value having the opportunity to learn more about your child through either a phone consult or home visit prior to the party date.


We have created a list of questions that assists us in learning more about who your child is and helps us determine what we need to do to make his or her party exciting, fun and inclusive. Some of the information that we like to gather includes learning about your childs:

  • Strengths and skills
  • Current interests
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Motivators
  • Communication style
  • Personality
  • Sensory needs (if any)
  • "Favourites" (songs, colours, toys, games, characters, etc)
  • Strategies/adaptations being used at home/school/child care, etc
  • Current goals
  • Specialized equipment

... And anything else that you may feel is valuable for us to know as we begin to prepare for your child's party!


We typically let each family identify whether they would prefer for this discussion to take place through a phone consult or at their home or party venue! A phone consult is complimentary; however, there will be an additional fee for a home visit to cover travel time and the duration of time spent at the home. Some of the factors that impacted families in the past to choose our home visit consult includes:

  • They wanted the information sharing experience to be more intimate and personal through a face to face discussion.
  • They wanted us to meet their child in advance.
  • They felt it was important for us to see the space that we would be working with
  • They wanted to show us their child's specialized equipment in advance so that we were able to plan the party activities and games accordingly.

No matter what option you choose- we assure you that you will have a positive experience and that we will strive to make your child's party unique and memorable!